"Working with Lauren was an excellent experience. As soon as we met her, we realized how knowledgeable she was about the birth process. Her calm, but driven attitude immediately made us feel comfortable. Our favorite thing about about using a doula, especially Lauren, was having someone who could explain all our birth options ahead of time. Lauren was quick to explain about delaying the Vitamin K shot, which we were unaware could be done. Having her visit our home and walk us through what to expect was invaluable.  During labor, despite its middle-of-the-night arrival, Lauren arrived at our house quickly after phoning for her. She accompanied us to the hospital and provided massage, kind words, and another set of hands for anything needed. It's safe to say that the entire process would have been much harder to do intervention-free without her. As skeptical as we were about using a doula, now that we've been through the process, we both whole-heartedly would recommend it and her to anyone. Lauren was worth every penny, and we plan to use her again for our next child!" ~Baby B's Parents

"I decided to hire Lauren because my fourth child would be my third natural birth but first homebirth. Lauren is a very loving, sweet and thoughtful woman. She was always happy to discuss my various little pregnancy ailments as well as talk about all my wonderings and thoughts about child birth. For the actual labor and delivery, Lauren was there for all 11 hours. She helped me handle contractions by applying counter pressure on my back or by suggesting various positions to encourage baby M to move down. We had a good time together and she was a wonderful support for my husband as well. She was very encouraging, but in a soft spoken way. Lauren is a wonderfully strong woman and I would highly recommend her to anyone"  ~Baby M's Mama

"Lauren's involvement in my pregnancy and birth was a blessing from above. While I feel that I could have had a pleasant birth experience without a doula, in the end, she was the force that kept me sane, allowed me to make the right choices for me and my child and actually enjoy the process. She was, before, during and after the birth, such a calming and confident presence. I am so glad I sought out the help of a doula, especially Lauren. I'm not quite ready to do it again today, but if and when we bring another life into this world, I will make sure that Lauren is there to help again."  ~Baby E's Mama

"Lauren was a fantastic doula for the home birth of my first daughter. As a fellow doula I knew the importance of adequate support during labor and birth. Doula assistance was also key for my husband and family to understand the natural, normal birth process. Lauren molded into exactly what we needed her to be. I believe that I was adequately prepared for the birth of my daughter, however I was not prepared for the postpartum period. My lofty visions of motherhood were fantasies in comparison to what motherhood was really like. Just when I needed her, Lauren was there to speak deep truths into my life. I truly believe that The Lord provided me with Lauren's wisdom and friendship just when I needed it most!" ~Baby O's Mama

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  "Lauren’s encouragement and education to me during my pregnancy and labor was just what I needed. She speaks through the lens of God’s beauty in every encounter, even in the worst of pain. She has great faith in the process and helped to take off any worry I could have had. I felt peace and hope in her presence. I always knew she had my desires in mind and would advocate for my needs if and when I needed it. She has a gift of exhorting and saw the best in me. Everyone could benefit from some time with Lauren, especially if you have her as your doula. I loved having her with me during of one of the most special events of my life!" ~Baby C's Mama

"We were referred to Lauren by our doula (who had gotten over-loaded at work) 5 weeks before we were due, which made us nervous.  Lauren did a great job of making time to spend  with us, attending the remaining appointments, and helping to develop a bond prior to our delivery. We went 3 weeks overdue, and throughout that Lauren was a great resource- she worked hard to find us information (not much out there about going past 42 weeks) and provided the emotional support that we were needing. When the time came, Lauren insisted on being there from the get-go, joining us at the hospital at 11 pm.  She was with us continually until 1 am (two days later!  26 hours from when she arrived!) until well after delivery.  To put it simply: Lauren saved our birth plan.  We wanted an all-natural birth, and after 3 hours of transition things were looking grim.  While she was terrific through all of transition (offering water, snacks, massage and heat/cold therapy) Lauren really shined during mid-transition: she encouraged us to get back in the shower, and prevented an epidural.  During the five hours of pushing, she continued to shine, supporting (physically and emotionally) and coaching us.  She kept taking care of both of us, even snapping some beautiful photos. Throughout our experience with Lauren, we kept being impressed by how thoughtful and mature she was.  She seemed to always be in tune with what we were experiencing, even anticipating what was coming next.  Always able to give the right advice, in the right way, it became very clear that underneath Lauren's easy-going personality is a very active, empathetic intellect.  We were beyond thrilled, and would heartily recommend Lauren to any expecting family!"  ~Baby M's Parents

"Throughout my pregnancy I researched and wanted a natural birth. I preferred a home birth, but circumstances led me from my living situation and my husband, and feeling quite discouraged, I reached out to an online community, Birth Without Fear Support, for advice and direction. A home birth was now out of the question but I found a wonderful hospital that supports natural birth and a wonderful, bright hearted woman contacted me, named Lauren. I was embarrassed at my situation and broke and lonely. Because of her loving and generous spirit, I was empowered and supported. She helped to inform me with kind reminders and suggestions. When the day came that I chose to allow a gentle induction, Lauren was patient and supportive of my decisions. She reminded me softly that I was capable and strong. She emotionally, and physically, supported me during the hardest part of labor and, when finally I succeeded, she shared in my joy and pride. I am more than grateful because her support afforded me the chance to know how strong God created me to be."  ~Baby J's Mama 

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"You know when you meet someone who was born to do something. Lauren was born to help women bring babies into the world. Our experience with Lauren was with our first baby, a girl. From the very beginning Lauren was warm and open, providing a comfortable atmosphere free of judgment. Her knowledge and wisdom of birth is so extensive that we immediately felt that we were in good hands. Lauren was flexible with her time and completely available if I ever needed anything or had any questions about my pregnancy-day or night! During labor she helped create a peaceful and relaxed atmosphere, aiding me with helpful pain management techniques and keeping my fiancĂ© and I calm. She really let us work through the labor how we felt necessary and was there immediately if I needed a little extra help in coping through contractions. We were so lucky to have this amazing doula, because my labor ended up being 30+ hours! She never faltered in her patience and commitment to our birth, and was extremely supportive in the choices I made for the delivery. Lauren's energy and compassion during labor and birth is an incredible thing to witness. Her calm nature and genuine love of the art of being a doula makes anyone who employs her a very lucky mama!"  ~Baby F's Mama 

"Lauren was invaluable to us at the birth of our son. Throughout my pregnancy, we developed a great relationship and she was exactly what we needed her to be when it was time to welcome our son into the world. Lauren has obviously been called to be a doula and she effortlessly knew the kind of support that would be best for us when we were most vulnerable. We would hire her again in a heartbeat and will for any  future babies!"  ~Baby C's Mama

“Upon meeting Lauren, I was immediately taken by her gentleness and sweet demeanor. On the day of our first interview, we talked and I felt like I could be myself around her. We were having a home birth, and since my husband and I had decided that he would not attend the birth, I was very dependent on Lauren for emotional and physical support. During my early labor, I needed Lauren to be hands on with me: she massaged me and let me use her as anchor during contractions. But as my labor progressed, I needed more personal space and Lauren adapted to my needs. Her discreet presence made me feel safe and gave me the peace and confidence that I needed in order to labor. She would encourage me emotionally and worked through my fears with me. The pain made me very edgy and Lauren stayed calm, positive, and discreet, jumping in only when she saw that I needed it. She suggested position changes when she saw that I needed the change in order for my labor to keep advancing. We prayed together every time I asked, which gave me the courage and strength to keep going. At the pushing stage, I was craving to get into the birth pool, but the water had gotten too cold and the midwives tried to discourage me from it. But Lauren could tell I really needed to be in the water in order to relax, so she worked very hard to empty the pool and fill it back up with warm water. What a great gift! The water really helped me relax so that I could crown. She and the midwives coached me and encouraged me through the pushing stage so my labor could advance and finish. She also took pictures, kept track of my labor and wrote a beautiful birth story for me to have as a souvenir. After the birth, I realized how blessed I had been to have had Lauren by my side to keep me encouraged and strong through this great trial of life. What a wonderful woman of God! I am so grateful that she was on my birth team!” ~Baby M's Mama 

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"My first birth experience involved an emergency C-Section that left me traumatized enough to wait 5 years before becoming pregnant again. Because of this, my husband and I knew that we needed to be extremely wise with every decision to give us the highest possibility of a successful VBAC. We felt sure Lauren had the perfect spirit & style for us and we were SO right. Throughout pregnancy, Lauren helped me stay calm & at peace with my decision to attempt a VBAC & assured me it was possible. She did so with emotional care, but also with accurate & understandable data & information regarding anything that I brought up as a concern. While natural birth was extremely important to me, I was concerned that a doula would have a hard time being objective & might promote an agenda of non-intervention even if I decided some interventions were necessary. Lauren was completely supportive no matter what--a huge relief. I never felt a sense of judgement when I considered options that weren't 100% natural.  But I was able to make it to labor and through delivery naturally. I know that much of the reason this happened was because I never felt pressured to do so and was able to enter into that mental space on my own, making it MY conviction. Lauren was careful to learn about my husband & I as a couple. This was so important because she knew how much we wanted my husband to be my primary support. She encouraged him as he encouraged me, only coaching/encouraging when needed.  Her calm & confident demeanor gave me every assurance that we could deliver exactly as we hoped. With the help of Lauren, the Lord redeemed this birth from our previous trauma and I had the most beautiful experience of my life, welcoming a healthy baby. I can't recommend Lauren enough and hope that you will consider letting her be a part of your birth story.  It's clear that this is what she is designed to do!" ~Baby L's Mama
"I knew that with my second pregnancy I didn't want things to be the same as my first. I wanted to try a natural drug-free pregnancy. I knew that I needed the support of someone who was knowledgeable in natural childbirth. Lauren was a God-send. I had been through a lot of stress and had a few complications early in my pregnancy and frankly, I was scared. She was always there to answer all my questions, no matter how small. Because of her, I went into labor ready and excited. She helped me embrace my inner mommy strength. She met me at the hospital at 1 am (after having just helped another mommy the day/night before). Her calm, laid back personality helped me stay calm throughout my labor. I finally delivered my son at 7 a.m. Because I had to have a c-section, it took me awhile to get back to the room and even longer until I was able to start breast feeding. She was able to stay until after 8 a.m to help me establish breastfeeding. I am so thankful for her. She is the perfect person to have by your side, providing love and support from start to finish. " ~Baby K's Mama

"Lauren was just the supportive presence my husband and I needed to coach us through a grueling 67 hours of labor. Throughout early labor, she was available to answer all of our questions and helped put us at ease when things were progressing at a snail’s pace (even answering phone calls at 3am!!). I’m certain my baby’s birth would have turned out quite differently if it hadn’t been for Lauren’s unwavering patience and calming demeanor. Nothing is predictable when it comes to labor and delivery, as we found out, however, one thing you can be sure of is that Lauren will do everything in her power to make the best out of any situation. Even as my birth plan began to crumble, Lauren made sure that I never became overwhelmed. Thinking back on my experience, I am overcome with joy and an incredible sense of gratitude. Thank you Lauren for being there for us!!"~Baby G's Mama 

"I found Lauren when I was 6 months pregnant with my first child. Knowing none of our families could be present at our daughter's birth;  I decided to hire a doula. I interviewed a couple of doulas but was drawn to Lauren because of her peaceful yet positive personality. I knew that I would need a strong, positive presence to help me with my desire for a natural childbirth. Lauren was amazing through it all! Before birth, she answered all of my questions, provided resources for me to research more, taught my husband techniques so he could be actively involved and even went with me on the hospital tour! When labor began, she was there from the get go. When they tried to give me pitocin to help my labor progress further, she suggested alternative methods, downloaded music on her personal phone for me to use and massaged in just the right places when contractions got rough. However, what really set Lauren apart was her reaction when my birthing experience didn't go as planned. After 14 hours of labor, they realized my daughter was breech and would need to be delivered via Cesarean Section. I started bawling and so did Lauren! After I calmed down a bit to start asking questions, Lauren turned to my doctor and asked how she could  be of help. It was at this point that I realized that although my actual family was far away, I had gained a new sister through Lauren who truly desired for me to have my birth go as I wished and grieved with me when it didn't go as planned. She stayed through the C-Section and helped me initiate breast feeding after our daughter was born. At our final postpartum meeting, Lauren presented us with beautiful birth notes and pictures that we will treasure forever! Lauren was invaluable to us through our first pregnancy and I can't wait to have her help us with any future births we will have!"~Baby A's Mama