Birth Gallery

"The heart heals like a bone, without support it can remain misaligned for an eternity. Lauren was our cast. I became pregnant immediately after losing a baby that I had dreamed of. He had a name, in my heart he had a laugh and a smile and my heart's dream vanished. Being pregnant again did not heal me, in all honesty I was bitter and sad. My husband and I were both overwhelmed and drifting in a sea of our tears. We decided we couldn't welcome a baby into this sadness, so we reached out to Lauren for birth support. She has a certain knowing grace that only only comes from a loving heart. In each of our visits she described the physiological progression of birth with terms that brought reverence and love back into the picture. After every visit we began to hope again. We used her terminology, to remind ourselves that A's birth would be joyous, that we are allowed to believe in the physical process of pregnancy again and that celebrating one child does not rob another child of remembrance. I doubt she knows what a momentous role she played in healing our family, but that is part of what makes her inspiring, she never acknowledges her accomplishments only her role."-Baby A's Mama 

"Within an hour of seeing those *two pink lines*, I hired Lauren as my doula. I knew that in order to achieve the birth I wanted and the birth my baby needed, I would need the best birth team that I could possibly assemble. Without hesitation, I knew that Lauren would be an integral part of that team. She didn't disappoint. Lauren is a knowledgeable, compassionate, competent and strong woman, and she carried those characteristics throughout my pregnancy and into my birthing space. She was easily accessible for questions, concerns and even the occasional pregnant rant. She was quick to offer encouraging words, always affirming my choices and reassuring me that I could and WOULD have a beautiful and healing birth and that I was NOT a failure for my past births. At our prenatal visits, Lauren was incredibly hands-on, and she went over labor coping techniques with me, both in theory and with demonstration; it was like having a dress rehearsal.  With her help, I felt incredibly prepared for birth. And I was prepared. Lauren arrived at my house as soon as I said I needed her, and when she walked into my room, her peaceful presence became immediately palpable. She provided both physical and emotional support, and knowledgeably helped me use Spinning Babies techniques to turn the baby from posterior to anterior, and by early afternoon, my surprise baby girl came quickly inti the hands of my midwife. It was intoxicating and surreal. I know she would be the first to tell me that I was the one who did all that work, and I was the one who made it happen, and I should be proud of myself.  And I am.  But without Lauren, I doubt I would have achieved such an empowering and healing birth. She was the perfect complement to my husband, helping him to fill in the gaps and allowing him to focus more on providing me with spousal support and love. He enthusiastically jokes that she was his doula as much as she was mine.  To make a long story short, Lauren is the whole doula package, and she is worth her weight in gold.  I cannot thank her enough for her love, support, encouragement, and friendship.  If I ever am blessed with another baby, she will be hearing from me within minutes."-Baby L's Mama

"When we found out we were pregnant a third time, we knew we were going to hire another doula in order to achieve our second VBAC. Our previous doula was unavailable and recommended three or four names to us. We looked at their websites, and Lauren’s spoke to us. She had a similar first birth experience, so she would know how I was feeling. She had been a part of VBACs before. But most importantly to us, she spoke about the spirituality of birth. Lauren is calm, peaceful, knowledgeable, encouraging and empowering. Because of Lauren’s involvement in our birth, I believe our birth was quick and without any intervention. She helped me believe in myself, that I was doing what my body was created to do. She was wonderful at involving my husband, who is a bit squeamish and eager to be on the sidelines. I love that as I was in labor, she was taking notes to share with me later, such as the timeline of labor and delivery and the first words I said to our son. Some people are hesitant to hire a doula because of the cost, but we were not concerned with the cost when we thought about being able to bring our son into this world peacefully and surrounded by love. I would choose her for all my births, should we be blessed with more!"-Baby N's Mama

"My husband and I didn't know we would want or need a doula for our birth until we started taking Bradley Method childbirth classes in my sixth month of pregnancy. We interviewed a few other doulas, but ultimately hired Lauren after our initial consult with her. She was so sweet and genuine and just the person we wanted to assist in our birth; to be that extra support person and help my husband and I achieve the natural birth we wanted. We were learning a lot in our Bradley classes, but each time we met with Lauren we learned even more about the physical and emotional side of the birth process. Lauren is very knowledgeable about all aspects of birth.  Once I started my weekly appointments, Lauren met my OB and I sent her weekly email updates of any changes/progress that were observed.  When I told her I was having severe ligament pain or that the baby was high, she was quick to offer suggestions to relieve the pain and encourage the baby to engage in the pelvis. I was scared and nervous about giving birth, but Lauren helped to calm my fears and reassured me that my body could do this and I had the strength to as well.  I was in labor for 27 hours and Lauren was by my side for 25 of them.  She rubbed my back, encouraged new positions when my body started stalling out, and spread essential oils around the room to calm me.  When labor got really hard and I was battling fatigue and doubt, she looked me straight in the eye and told me that I was strong, was making progress and that everything I was doing was going to bring my baby earthside. She made me feel empowered. Lauren even knew that I was pushing through contractions before I even realized it myself. She also stood by my husband, giving him support in coaching me and offering relief when he needed short break. I would highly recommend Lauren to any mama seeking a doula at their birth and hope to hire her again for our next pregnancy."-Baby Z's Mama

"Hiring Lauren took a weight off our shoulders. My wife was facing the greatest physical and emotional challenge of her life, and I wanted to help her in any way I could. I felt the need to become an expert on all things birth in just a few months. Lauren took that pressure off me and allowed me truly to enjoy the experience of my son’s birth. We knew we would have a birth expert in the room to assure us that what my wife was going through is normal and prepare us for each step of the process. Lauren’s presence freed me to be there for my wife as a source of love and support and not worry so much about being the perfect birth coach. Lauren’s greatest gift to us was helping my wife face the unknown with confidence. My wife was well informed about childbirth, but no amount of information can replace the experience Lauren has gained serving as a doula for dozens of births. When my wife’s contractions hit hard and she didn’t know how she would bear them, Lauren knew what to do to comfort and reassure her. We ended up having just the kind of birth experience we wanted. We are so glad we had Lauren with us to help us through the process. We can’t recommend her highly enough."~Baby D's Dad

 "When J and I first met Lauren, we immediately clicked with her sweet personality, humor and confidence. As first time parents, we were pretty clueless about labor and childbirth, and the many visits that Lauren spent with us before the birth of our son were so helpful…she is a wealth of knowledge. We both wanted to have a birth experience that was calm and med-free. I was worried that in the height of labor I would give up and go for the pain control options. Labor ended up being much longer than any of us expected and Lauren was such a blessing. She selflessly spent over 40 hours with us, encouraging me, reminding me that my body was made to give birth, and suggesting different labor positions to help move our baby down and OUT. Lauren’s knowledge helped calm our fears, reassuring us that we can get through this process and that birth is a normal yet awesome thing of life. When my husband was exhausted from the many hours of no sleep, she continued to support me; so that he could get some much needed rest…they worked together as a great team. Having Lauren with us on our labor journey was a beautiful experience, she helped me remember and focus on the fact that I was strong and capable and I could birth our baby. When we are ready for another addition to our family, we hope that she will be able to bless us with her services again."~Baby R's Mama

*All photographs taken by Lauren of Sparrow Song Birth Services*