About Me

Hi, I'm Lauren Scarbrough! I am married to my high school sweetheart and we have been blessed with 4 children on earth, (including 1 sweet rainbow-baby born in May 2021) and 3 heaven-born babies. I enjoy reading, fine art, brunch, long baths, nurturing my faith, soaking up sunshine and exploring nature. I homeschool our children year-round and strive to be a seeker of all things good, true and beautiful!


I am certified to serve our community as a birth doula, monitrice, midwife's assistant and placenta arts specialist. I've been honored to attend 525+ births in my 10.5 years of birthwork. 

//My Journey//
The birth of our first child was a standard medicated hospital birth; we were completely uneducated about our options and were left feeling disillusioned and saddened by the entire experience. Our second child was also born in the hospital and although I was hoping for a late-in-the-game epidural, our son came FAST and there wasn't time for medication! I was transformed that day; I realized my full strength as a woman and knew that my natural birth had happened for a reason. We planned a home birth with our third child and our daughter was born in the most peaceful environment imaginable, it truly changed our lives forever. I learned to trust myself and my Creator as never before and my husband finally felt that he was an integral part of the birthing experience!

My own birthing adventures ignited a passion within me and I soon felt called to care for other families. I began my journey in birth work through doula training in March of 2012. After two years as a doula, I was asked to expand my knowledge and skill-set. In March of 2014 I began working to become a midwife's assistant and completed my training/coursework in October of 2015.

//My Philosophy of Care//    
I believe that pregnancy, birth and breastfeeding are natural and wondrous events in a woman's life. Our feminine bodies are created to grow and birth babies and, when left alone, labor often proceeds the way it is meant to. A gentle welcoming into the world is the best start for everyone; mother, father and baby alike! A true need for medically necessary intervention during pregnancy or birth is rare. However, I have a balanced respect for these processes and recognize that there are times when the use of intervention and technology can keep the mother and/or baby safe. 

As a birth worker, my intuition, experience and intellect serve as valuable tools to understanding the process of birth. I have the honor of serving clients, not patients. I strive to provide genuine connection, compassion and individualized care for the families that I care for. The support I provide is meant to enrich the mother physically, mentally and emotionally. This approach aims to fully prepare a woman for birth; her sacred passage into motherhood. My goal is to nurture my client's sense of strength and confidence so that she may experience birth as a positive and self-empowered event. I also placed great importance in helping fathers enjoy and be fully present for the birth of their child. It is my pleasure to take care of the details, so that they can focus on being involved in the experience.       

I am a professional member in good standing with the following organizations:
OMA (Oklahoma Midwives Alliance), BAI (Birth Arts International), APPA (The Association of Placenta Arts), and OHBA (The Oklahoma Healthy Birth Alliance)

//Education & Training//
March 2012- Birth Doula Training (DONA International) 
November 2012- Rebozo Workshop (Gena Kirby) 
December 2012- Breastfeeding Educator Training & Certification (Debi Bocar, IBCLC)
May 2013- Obtained Birth Doula Certification (DONA International)
October 2013- Online Course: Evidence-Based Care for Suspected Big Babies (Rebecca Dekker of EBB)
November 2013- Online Course: The Holy Work of a Doula (Leigh Steele)
January 2014- Online Course: Friedman's Curve and Failure to Progress (Rebecca Dekker of EBB)
March 2014- Began Midwife's Assistant/Monitrice Program (Birth Arts International)
June 2014- VBAC Workshop (Gina Crosley-Corcoran)
July 2014- CPR/NRP Provider Certification (Mary Friedlein)
September-November 2014- A Foundation for Healing- Bereavement Webinar Series (Angelique Hearthside)

October 2014- Spinning Babies Workshop (Gail Tully) 
December 2014- Online Course: Vitamin K & Eye Ointment (Rebecca Dekker of EBB) 
January 2015- Acupressure for Labor Support & Postpartum Care  (Nick Olow) 
February 2015- Began Placenta Encapsulation Training (APPA)
August 2015-Obtained Placenta Encapsulation Certification (APPA)
October 2015- Obtained Midwife's Assistant Certification (Birth Arts International) 
August 2016- CPR/NRP Provider Recertification (Mary Friedlein)
April 2017- CPR/NRP Provider Recertification (Mary Friedlein)
August 2017- Oklahoma Midwife's Alliance Fall Conference
March 2019- CPR/NRP Provider Recertification (Mary Friedlein) 
January 2021- CPR/NRP Provider Recertification (Mary Friedlein) 

//Professional Experience//
I have served families that have experienced the following personal/birth experiences: 

-Hospital birth 
-Unmedicated birth 
-Medicated birth 
-VBAC and VBA2C  
-Twin birth
-High risk pregnancies 
-Medically necessary surgical birth 
-Survivors of previous abuse 
-Single mothers 
-Mothers birthing after miscarriage/pregnancy loss
-Families receiving care from OBGYNs, CNMs, and CPMs